here are a few helpful hints and tips to help you keep your Ladybird Likes jewellery looking its best!

  •  store out of direct sunlight - sunlight can tarnish the plating on the necklace chain, and can fade the colours on your jewellery too. where possible we recommend storing your jewellery in individual bags or boxes in a drawer.
  • do not get your jewellery wet - as most of our pieces are made using wood we recommend you don't get them wet as moisture can cause the wood to warp, and the image to rub off. although we take care to varnish our pieces carefully to protect them from a light shower, please do not submerge them in water or expose them to prolonged moisture.
  • be careful not to squash or scratch your jewellery - wood is naturally a relatively soft material, and if it is placed under heavy or sharp items it may become dented or scratched.