where did you get the name Ladybird Likes from?

an elderly relative gave me the nickname 'Ladybird' when I was very young. I have very vivid memories of playing in our front garden in the summer as a child, letting the ladybirds walk over my hands and arms, watching as they flew away. when I started my business I wanted it to encompass the things I liked, and so Ladybird Likes was born!

how do you make your jewellery?

most of the jewellery by Ladybird Likes is made by applying printed images to wood, before laser cutting, sealing with varnish, and turning into a necklace/brooch/collar clips. unfortunately I can't really share any more details than that - a magician never reveals their secrets, or something like that. not that I'm a magician or what I do is magic. I wish I could do magic though.

can you make me a custom piece of jewellery using one of my own images/photos?

the short answer if you want a one-off piece is no, sadly not. due to time and cost restraints it's not possible for me to make one off pieces. however if you are an illustrator/fashion designer/creative person/small shop and are looking to have a small run of jewellery pieces made either to sell on, or to use as promotional items, then please do get in touch! you can see examples of our custom work right here and can work with any high-res images or photos. we are also always looking for creative types to collaborate with on limited edition collections - if you think you might be interested in working with us then drop me an email at ladybirdlikes@hotmail.co.uk to discuss it further.

I'm a blogger/instagrammer and love your jewellery - can you send me some?

well, this is a bit awkward. I'd love to be able to send jewellery to every blogger that asks, but sadly I can't! generally I pick the bloggers I work with because I like their blogs, their style, their photography and, let's be honest, they have a large number of followers. if you think your blog would be a good fit for Ladybird Likes, and you have a good online following, then do drop me an email, but don't be offended if I'm unable to work with you at the present time.

can I feature Ladybird Likes on my blog/social networking site/magazine/album cover?

of course! I'm always more than happy to answer questions for interviews, or send over high res versions of my images. all I ask is that all images are credited to me and that you always link back to my website (www.ladybirdlikes.com)

I'd like to start my own handmade business - can you give me some advice?

this is the question I probably get asked the most - I love helping out others who are starting up or wanting to improve existing small businesses, but obviously it's just not possible for me to answer every email I get. I do however from time to time give talks about various aspects of starting up and running your own creative business, and you can see when my next ones are right here. I also offer one to one business mentoring (in person within London, or over Skype if you live outside of London) at reasonable rates, which you can find more information about over here.

your website is awesome - who made it for you?

oh thanks - I actually made it myself using Shopify and my VERY limited knowledge of html (by which I mean I use google and if that fails I email friends begging for their computer knowledge in exchange for cake and free jewellery.)

can we be friends? because you seem really fun and we like a lot of the same stuff.

sure thing! one of the best parts of starting Ladybird Likes has been making some seriously awesome online (and real life) friends. whether you're in London and want to hang out for a coffee, or you're in Australia and just want to be pen pals, don't be shy, just drop me an email saying hi. I promise I'm friendly (and usually a bit sarcastic but I'm working on that)

I make stuff too and was wondering if you'd like to do a swap?

I love doing swaps with other designer maker types, so please feel free to ask if you'd like to do a swap, however don't be offended if I'm not able to as I do have to limit myself and cannot swap with everyone who asks.

your job seems super fun and I'd love to get some work experience with a small company like yours. are you looking for any staff?

we aren't currently hiring sadly, however keep an eye on our blog as we will advertise here when we are looking for new team members. we are always looking for interns though for full-time or part-time internships, ranging from two weeks to six months. interns will gain experience working for a small but fast-growing company, with jobs ranging from product photography, to packaging design, to helping on trade shows. if you'd like to be considered for an internship at Ladybird Likes please do get in touch at ladybirdlikes@hotmail.co.uk