We love working with other creative types, and are delighted to now offer small runs of custom laser cut and laser engraved wooden pieces, from magnets, to keyrings, to necklaces and brooches. Perhaps you're an illustrator who wants to create some jewellery items using their illustrations but have no idea how? Or maybe you're a photographer who wants some magnets made using your photos to give to potential customers? If you are interested in working together in any way please drop us an email at ladybirdlikes@hotmail.co.uk and read on for a bit more information...


above left: promotional pins made for The Blogcademy, using two versions of their logo (given out in goodie bags at their events) // above right: brooches made using illustrations by Emma Carlisle (for sale in her Etsy shop alongside her range of illustrated prints and greetings cards)

What custom items can you make?
We currently offer necklaces, brooches, collar clips, keyrings, and cufflinks. although we are always up for trying to create something new! the techniques we can offer for creating your pieces are:
- printed image on basic shape (eg. circle, triangle, square, rectangle.)
- printed image on intricate shape (eg. cutting around the shape of a dog)
- engraving on plywood or wood laminate (engraving on ply can also be painted in a range of colours)
Printed images can be ANY image you hold the copyright too - a logo, an illustration, a photograph, anything at all! We can create items ranging from a circular wooden badge with an image on, up to a necklace made of ten different pieces joined together!
What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity depends on the item being created, but generally it will be around 15 pieces. Please note that we are currently unable to produce one off pieces due to time and cost restraints.

How much will it cost?

Again, this depends on the item being created, and also on how many you are ordering. The more you order the lower the cost per item will be.

How long will it take?

Depending on the item being made, and the quantity required, it can take from one week up to four weeks. It's always best to give us as much time as possible!

What can I use the pieces for?

Anything you like really! We can create jewellery pieces for you to sell alongside your own products to generate extra income. Or perhaps you make dresses and want to give customers a coordinating piece of jewellery to thank them for their purchase? There is no limit at all - they are yours to do whatever you'd like with.

I work for a super awesome company/magazine/organisation and am after some freebies to give out in exchange for promoting Ladybird Likes. Are you interested?

We always love hearing from people who are interested in working together - please feel free to drop us an email at ladybirdlikes@hotmail.co.uk. While we can't work with everyone who enquires, we do set aside a budget for promotion each month so we are always on the look out for interesting events or companies to get involved with in a range of ways!

What kind of people do you collaborate with on new collections?

 Anyone really! If you think your style would work well with the kind of items we create here at Ladybird Likes, then please drop us an email. Whether you're a print/pattern designer, illustrator, photographer, seamstress, ceramic artist, screenprinter, paper artist.... we want to hear how we could work together! There are few things we enjoy as much as we enjoy discussing ideas for exciting new products with other creative types.

I have an idea for a new product you should make - wanna hear it?
Of course! we love getting feedback from customers on what things they'd like to see us make next so we want to hear your ideas. And who knows, we might even make it!